More Sun and More Firsts

19 04 2010

April 18, 2010

What a beautiful weekend to live in Missoula.  With clear skies and temperatures in the 70s, the conditions were extremely inviting for all of the outdoor sporting events I was involved with over the weekend.

However, the story I shot with Kayla on Friday actually took place indoors… but was still the hottest story I’ve ever had to cover.  I shot  a 90 minute session of Bikram Yoga which Kayla was participating in.  The story is the first of a series of news packages she is putting together to inform viewers on various ways to workout and get in shape.  The catch about Bikram Yoga is that it takes place in a room heated at over 100 degrees… I can honestly say I’m not sure I’ve ever sweated more than I did while I was shooting that story.  My shirt was entirely soaked through and I had drops dripping from my face every few seconds… and  I didn’t even do the workout like Kayla did.  I will say that after the class was over AND we shot our interviews AND I had a chance to shower AND I was convined the torture was over, I did feel very accomplished and my body felt the cleanest it’s felt in a long time.

Work on Saturday did take place outdoors as we shot a high school track meet, a softball game between Sentinel High and Hellgate High (Sentinel won the pitching battle by a final of 3-1), and an American Legion baseball game between the Missoula Mavericks and Belgrade (Mavs prevailed 14-4).  Ben Roberts (known as a football and basketball start for the Sentinel Spartans) is possibly the number one prospect out of the state of Montana and it was easy to see why as he hit a home run in each game of the days double-header.  Although it was a first for me in covering both track and baseball, I enjoyed both and look forward to more of the same the rest of this spring season.